dream girl 88

Back in the day, Richie Felix Alexander’s parents use to pick up ‘K-tel 80s mixtapes’ from the gas station. These tapes always featured a variety of different artists and were the soundtrack to his early life. As a youngster, he was exposed to 80’s pop, club, synth-pop, you name it. Years later, he wanted to re-create what he remembered of those early tapes from memory. Dream Girl 88 was born.

Through a slew of auditions Richie met vocalist Katherine Kovna, a millennial who was way more of a gen xer when it came to music. In her youth, she was obsessed with New Kids On The Block.

For Dream Girl 88 that meant catchier vocal lines, greater lyrics, stronger choruses and smarter song arrangements.This set the group apart from the slew of retrowave copycat artists that currently flood Spotify playlists and the like.

The duo released a mixtape cassette in 2018, named ‘Kelly’ (after a photo of Kelly LeBrock in ‘Weird Science’) on Blew//Rose. The band has plans to release their debut LP in 2020 with tour plans to follow. Go see them when they hit your town and be prepared to move your body!

Catch dream girl 88 on Jul 17th at Eventide’s A Night of Shoegaze showcase.

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