Divorcer was formed in 2016 from a booth in Duffin’s donuts in Vancouver, BC. Featuring members of bands such as Underpass, Tough Customer, Fake Fruit and Luvgoon. Their first release is named after a “Debt Jubilee” – a historical process in which the debt of every person in a society is completely forgiven. It’s a joyous celebration of communal freedom and starting over with a clean slate. The songs are written collaboratively, and are usually written as tongue in cheek takes on real struggles that band members were dealing with at the time. They are a playful scowl at the evils of the world. While there is no one genre that defines their songwriting – their influences include bands such as the Raincoats, Girls at Our Best, Bush Tetras, and Shonen Knife

Catch Divorcer Aug 17th 6:00pm PST during Girls Rock Camp Victoria’s showcase at Centennial Square.

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