The 2023 Eventide Music Series is once again in centennial square on wednesday evenings! This summer will mark our 10th year of bringing live, free, and local music to you. 

The first 9 years were huge successes and the energy just continues to build. Here are a few highlights from years past:

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List of Past Bands & Curators










Full list of Past Eventide Performers & Curators:

A: Abraham, ACAB Rocky, ACTORS, Advance Bass, Aidan Knight, Alpha Yaya Diallo, Anciients, Androgyne, Angus Watt, Answer Drum Group, The Archaics

B: The Backhomes (2014, 2015, 2016), Bad Hoo, The Ballantynes, Baptists, BB, Billy Ghost, Black Belt Eagle Scout, Black Wizard, Blagasphalt, Karl Blau, Blessed, Bloke, Bob Le Head (2017, 2018), Bodyrot, Ryan Boldt, Bridal Party (2017, 2020), Brushes, bsd.u, Bucan Bucan, Bum, Louise Burns, Buzzard

C: Matthew Cardinal, Carousels, Car Seat Headrest, Cascadia Sound, Cathedral Bloom, The Cavaleros, Evan Cheadle (2015, 2021), Chet, CHUNKASAURUS, Coffin Hill, Ora Cogan (2016, 2019, 2020), Cool Band, The Courtneys, Colin Cowan & the Elastic Stars, Crimson Witch, Croatia, Crom/Dam, Crosshairs, Crown, Crystal Eyes, Csetkwe, Cycolith

D: Dana Sipos,Dark Glasses, Dead Soft, DEBBY FRIDAY, Devours, Lindsay Delaronde, Diamond Cafe, Dia-nos (2015, 2017), DJ Kookum, Downtown, Dragon Fli Empire, Dream Girl 88, Dumb

E: Edzi’u (2020, 2022) , Elan Noon (2017, 2019, 2021), Addie Elliot, Emilie & Odgen

F: Fall Fair Car, Fantasy Prom, Floridas, Fond, Fountain, Fox Glove, Freak Heat Waves, Frog Eyes, Funk Cannon, Future Star

G: The Gaff, Gender Poutine, Germany Germany, Hannah Gentes, Girlfriend, Pascale Goodrich-Black, Grossbuster (2014, 2016, 2019)

H: Hailey Blais, Hansmole, Kris Harper, Heatwave Summer Camp, Heron, Hi-Q Soundsystem, Holosapien, Holy Boredoms, Honcho Poncho, Hoopsnake, Howiewonder, Hush Hush Noise, Hush Pup (2014, 2022), Hutch

I: Iceberg Ferg, In Mirrors, Ivory Towers

J: Jacksxn, Janette King, JISEI, Johnny Gr4ves, Jons, Jo Passed

K: Kandle & The Krooks, Kara-Kata Afrobeat Group, KMVP, Knows, Koban, Layten Kramer, Nicholas Krgovich

L: Lab Coast, Laggards, KT Laine, Landscape Body Machine, LaRo$a, Left On Aster St, The Leg-Up Program, Lekwungen Traditional Dancers, Les Noces Gitanes, Lily Fawn, Lightning Dust, Grace Love & The True Loves, Lovers Touch, Kirsten Ludwig, Luvgoon

M: Mama Rude Gyal, Masala, Maskara, Mark Alexander McIntyre, Max Ulis, Mendozza, Meditated Form, Mega Bog, Misc.Friend, Mob Bounce, Monolithium, Moondle, Mount Eerie, Mourning Coup (2019, 2020, 2021), Shawn Mrazek Lives!

N: Nasdaq, Ndidi Cascade, Necking, Neru, Neighbourly, The New Groovement (2015, 2016), Niloo (2021, 2022), N0V3L, Null Comand, Numbing

O: Olde World Nudists, Old Girl, Ora Cogan (2016, 2019, 2020), The Orange Kyte

P: Painted Fruits, Palm Haze, Jamie Parisio, Pastel Blank, Peach Pyramid, Pesewa (2020, 2022), Petal Supply, Petra Glynt, Philo Ross, Pink Charcoal (2019, 2021), Pooched (2018, 2022), Power-Buddies, Prince Shima, Psychic Pollution (2018, 2021), Psychosomatic Itch

Q: Quarterback

R: RadCo, Random Citizen, REDRESS, Regularfantasy, Righteous Rainbows of Togetherness, Elowynn Rose, Rotterdam, Ruby Karinto (2014, 2017)

S: Sabota, Saltwater Hank, Sarah Osbourne & The Magic Buttons, SassyBlack, Scars & Scarves (2014, 2019), SEX,  Sh-Shakes, Sipreano, Sister Blanche (2019, 2021), Sister Ray, Slam Dunk, Smoke Eaters, SPESH, Rae Spoon, SPORUS, Standard Issue Pleasure Model, Summering, Sure, Sussy (2019, 2022)

T: Terminal Vagina, Terra, THEESatisfacton, This Way North

U: Under The Mountain

V: Vague, Versing, Void Mirror, Vying For Glory

W: Wand/Island Eyes (2014,2016), Wayst, West My Friend, White Poppy, Wire Spine, Witch Prophet, Willie Thrasher & Linda Saddleback, Wise Child, WUT

Y: Young Braised

Z: Zen Mystery Fogg, Zuzu’s Petals

2RO Meida, Audiogrowth, Eli Hirtle, the fifty fifty arts collective/Copper Owl, Garden City Tape Music Society, Garden City Grooves, Girls Rock Camp Victoria,Regular Occasion/Holy Smokes, La Société francophone de Victoria, Oscar St. Records, PGNB, Shake, Sionainn Phillips, VILA Presents, VI Metal Festival Society, Weird Canada